7/13/12 Charter News Round-Up

July 13, 2012

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CCSA Continues To Fight For Equitable Facilities In LAUSD Prop. 39 Dispute

This week, several stories were profiled in the media highlighting one of our top priorities, equitable facilities for charter schools. On July 27, the CA Superior Court issued a ruling finding that LAUSD has failed to comply with Prop. 39 and its implementing regulations in calculating school space. The court ordered the district to issue new offers. The district has been vocal in disputing the Judge's ruling. Read more about the latest developments in the Los Angeles Times, KPCC-AM, the Associated Press and Patch.com.

To underline the importance of facilities for charter schools, and the challenges they face when trying to secure them, check out an op-ed by former NAPCS CEO Nelson Smith in Education Next.

Aspire's Statewide Benefit Charter Status Revoked

Another ruling impacting charter schools also made headlines this week. Aspire's Statewide Benefit status was revoked. This means that six of Aspire's schools will have to seek local authorization next year. California Watch and the Lodi News-Sentinel posted stories with more details.

New Schools And More

At the end of each week, we like to highlight some of the positive stories from our state's charter schools. This week, the U-T San Diego profiled the story of charter school students learning to give back to their community through a series of service projects the school encouraged them to participate in to expand their worlds. Read that story here.

And as the new school year quickly approaches, it's inspiring to see features of new schools preparing to open. The Anderson Valley Post is letting their readers know that applications are being accepted for elementary school students at a new area charter school. Also, the Contra Costa Times wrote a story about the very first charter school in Pittsburgh, which is set to open next month. Read about what the charter will be bringing to the community.

And in Alum Rock, the local school district just approved a new KIPP middle charter school set to open next year. This school will bring increased opportunities for more quality public education, as profiled in the San Jose Mercury News.

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