CCSA Applauds Legislative Resolution Recognizing National Charter Schools Week

May 8, 2012

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For Immediate Release

Contact: Vicky Waters, CCSA
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SACRAMENTO, California.--The California State Legislature will introduce a Resolution this week in honor of National Charter Schools Week, which will take place from May 6-12, 2012. Assembly Concurrent Resolution 147, authored by Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway, officially designates this week also as California Charter Schools Week.

This year, the focus of Charter Schools Week will center upon the upcoming 20th anniversary of the charter school movement, and the contributions and impact of charter schools on public education.

"For the past two decades, charter public schools have brought innovation and quality learning opportunities to hundreds of thousands of students across California, as well as spearheaded reforms that have transformed public education," said Jed Wallace, president and CEO, California Charter Schools Association (CCSA). "California was the second state in the nation to approve a charter schools law, and we have thrived more than any other state, not just in numbers, but also in innovation."

Demand for charter schools in California is high, with more than 300 new charter schools having opened in the past three years, and added more than 71,000 students during that time. Despite this, charter schools continue to face numerous challenges that must be addressed to ensure charter students are treated fairly.

"We believe charter public schools, and the students they serve today and in the future, deserve equitable and adequate funding and facilities, so that every family can have the opportunity to attend the school of their choice," added Wallace.

"Charter schools are incubators of education excellence and I am proud that California is a leader in providing more opportunities for our students. For the past two decades, our state has led the nation in expanding charter schools and giving parents more choices for their children's education," said Republican Leader Conway (R-Tulare).

The Charter Schools Act was ratified in California in 1992, and since that time, the state has led the nation in charter school growth and influence. California currently has 982 charter schools serving over 412,000 students, the most of any state in the U.S.

Charter schools are public schools and tuition free. They have open enrollment and serve all students.

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About the California Charter Schools Association

The California Charter Schools Association is the membership and professional organization serving 982 charter public schools and more than 412,000 students in the state of California. The Vision of the California Charter Schools Association is to usher in a new era in public education so all students attend independent, innovative, accountable schools of choice. The Mission of the California Charter Schools Association is to influence the legislative and policy environments, leverage collective advocacy, and provide resources to support our members in developing and operating high quality, charter schools reflective of California's student population. For more information, please visit

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