5/4/12 Charter News Round-Up

May 4, 2012

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Granada Hills Charter Wins National Academic Decathlon For Second Consecutive Year

This past weekend, Granada Hills Charter High School captured the National Academic Decathlon for the second year in a row. The competition was held in New Mexico only a few weeks after the team won the California Academic Decathlon.

The students were featured in several news stories, including the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Daily News, and NBC-LA. The school also put together a video of the Decathlon team being welcomed back. You can view that here.

Closing The Achievement Gap A Challenge, But Some Programs Succeeding

Closing the prevalent achievement gap is a challenge that public schools are facing across the nation. This week, USA Today featured a story of how many states, districts, and schools are failing to educate African American and Latino students. However, the article highlighted some schools that are doing the opposite. Rocketship Education, based in the Silicon Valley area, was mentioned as an example of programs that are working. To read the article, click here.

Speaking of closing the achievement gap, the Fortune Schools, housed in the Sacramento area, were featured in news articles this week as a hot topic in the upcoming school board elections. The Sacramento Bee, however, highlighted the positive impact the school is having on African American students, and the narrowing of the achievement gap for the Fortune School students.

LAO Reports State Revenues $3 Billion Less Than Anticipated

This month, Governor Jerry Brown is scheduled to release the May Revise, and it seems the budget continues to be in a precarious state. Tax revenues have come in much lower than previously anticipated, prompting detailed articles from publications like the Los Angeles Times and the Sacramento Bee. The Governor's tax initiative is expected to be a major player, not only in the revision of the budget, but in the next few months, before the November general elections. The initiative, according to the Governor, would raise funds that he would direct to public education. You can also read more about that in the Wall Street Journal.

Charters and Proposition 39 Facilities Challenges

May 1 marked the deadline for charter schools to either accept or reject offers from their district regarding facilities under Proposition 39. The process proved challenging for some schools, as illustrated in articles from Patch.com, which discusses reasons for the Los Angeles International Charter High's rejection of their offer. The L.A. Weekly, on the other hand, wrote about challenges for WISH Charter School. Read that article here.

Further up north, Bullis Charter, which earlier this year had won a major victory by getting the Supreme Court to rule in their favor regarding facilities non-compliance on behalf of the Los Altos School District, begrudgingly accepted their Prop. 39 facilities offer. Read about this in the Los Altos Crier.

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