5/18/12 Charter News Round-Up

May 18, 2012

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May Revise Released This Week

On Monday, Governor Jerry Brown released his budget plan's May Revise, which rightly places public education as a top priority. While the deficit grew substantially, the plan does offer some long-term solutions, including the Governor's November tax initiative and the weighted student formula. Read CCSA's statement on the budget and see what the media had to say about the May Revise and its impact on education in articles from the Associated Press and Reuters.

Several articles have followed Monday's announcement, including one in John Fensterwald's Educated Guess Blog.

Proposition 39 And Charter School Facilities

Speaking of charter school facilities, this month was the deadline for charter schools to either accept or reject district offers on Proposition 39 facilities. While charters continue to face challenges in the facilities arena--with many districts failing to comply--one Watsonville area charter school will be moving into a bigger building that will allow it to grow enrollment and offer students more options. Read both an article and an Editorial in the Santa Cruz Sentinel talking about Ceiba Charter's facilities, and their support of the district's offer.

L.A.'s Locke High School Raises Student Achievement

This week, Locke High School officials released a study that shows students are faring better than their peers in nearby traditional public schools. Only a handful of years after converting to a charter school for continued underperformance, Locke High School--which is run by Green Dot Public Schools--is also increasing retention and graduation rates. While there is still work to be done, the results are encouraging and a sign the school is on the right path. Check out articles in the Los Angeles Times, Education Week, and Cabinet Report.

Benefits Of Attending A Charter School

Last week, we celebrated National Charter Schools Week, and many of our charters took the opportunity to reach out to their local media to raise awareness on charter schools, as well as the upcoming 20th year anniversary of the charter movement. Representatives from San Diego's Coleman Tech Charter High School spoke with San Diego's Channel 6 on the benefits of attending a charter. See their full interview.

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