CCSA Statement Announcing Support for Governor Brown's Initiative to Increase Revenue for All Public Schools, Including Charters

March 5, 2012

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For Immediate Release

Contact: Vicky Waters, CCSA
(415) 505-7575

Jed Wallace, president and CEO of the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA), released the following statement today endorsing Governor Jerry Brown's "Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act" in the upcoming November elections:

"On behalf of the 982 charter public schools in California, the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) is supporting Governor Brown's 'Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act,' which would bring much needed relief to California's chronic budget problems, helping public schools throughout our state, including charter public schools. The Governor's initiative is the right approach that will invest in our students now and in the long-term."

"Education budget cuts have severely impacted charter public schools across the state. As demonstrated by a recent Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) report, charter public schools are systematically underfunded, and recent budget cuts and deferrals have put many of our charter schools--new and existing--in a precarious situation. The Governor's initiative is the only solution that will end the chronic budget cuts that have severely harmed our schools and provide increased funding and stability for California's historically volatile budget, putting schools and public safety first."

"All public schools are facing challenges and the Governor's tax initiative will provide real solutions and funding that will go directly to where it's needed most--in the classroom. It is time to get our education system back on track."

About the California Charter Schools Association

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Kayla Meadows

Mar 10, 2012

Why did you not endorse the Millionaire's Tax promoted by the California Federation of Teachers? It taxed only a few people and was equitable, fair and supported education as well. I would like to know the reasons why, please.

another point: I keep hearing about Charters who take money from parents each month as a condition for the student's enrollment, who select those who may join and who may not- NOT using a lottery method, some who go out of their way to not take those students with special needs, as well as other issues which are not ok for schools accepting money as our traditional public school partners do. We work very hard at my school and are extremely ethical and go by the law. When will these schools be approached to be told they must abide by proper standards or lose their charters? They make those of us who do the right thing be thought of as less than we are.

one last point: I used to go to the CCSA conferences all the time for they had excellent break outs for teachers. What % of your break outs are for teachers now and if most are not, why not? This organization, I thought, supported all of us;not just administration. Am I not correct? The quality of the charters we have is very important and not just the quantity. I look forward to your answers.


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