"We Went to the Rally to be Given a Voice about Our School"

February 5, 2012

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Aurora Finley, a sophomore at Da Vinci Schools, was one of many students who attended the "Schools We Can Believe In" Rally on Feb. 4. She was fired up by the event and excited to check out the news when she got home, but was very disappointed by ABC7's coverage of the event. She not only wrote them a letter but got 60 fellow students to write local TV stations regarding their coverage of the rally.

Earlier today 5,000 people attended a rally for "Schools We Can Believe In." This rally was held to try to change the schools in LA, for the better. To have more charter schools, smaller class sizes and more money towards school in general. However, that is not how your news station reported it. Your news station reported it as a reaction to the two teachers from Miramonte Elementary School that got arrested. This is false. For one, the rally was planned before the teachers even got arrested. And the Miramonte teacher arrest was mentioned once, out of the two hours worth of speeches that took place. If you had listened to even one speech, you would gather that the big idea about the rally was to create a better education for the youth of LA. Reporting that the rally was about the Miramonte Elementary School is wrong. You would like to be a trusted newscast correct? So I think it would only be right to correct your mistake. We went to the rally to be given a voice about our school, to encourage the public that we can change the public school education system. Instead we were blocked out by another story that was "more important" or "more interesting." All I'm asking for is that you give the "Schools We Can Believe In" rally a true voice about what we were actually there for.

Aurora Finley

KishaLynn Elliott

Feb 7, 2012

Incredibly inspiring!


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