Join Us for the 2012 Charter School Funding Equity Rally!

February 13, 2012

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On February 29, 2012, supporters of the California charter school movement gathered on the north steps of the Capitol to demand funding equity. Why? Because charter school students are public school students. They should have access to same levels of funding as any other public school student!

The 2012 Charter School Funding Equity Rally is a feature of this year's Advocacy Week, a special event running from the beginning to the end of the 19th Annual California Charter Schools Conference. During Advocacy Week, charter school supporters will have multiple opportunities for face-to-face interactions with legislators and policymakers whose decisions impact your students.

Advocacy Week "takes advantage of our conference location in the best possible way," said Jed Wallace, CCSA's President and CEO. "By convening in Sacramento, not only do we have the opportunity to hear from policymakers on how they make decisions and what decisions they make, but we also the have the opportunity to let policymakers hear directly from us and to witness firsthand the size and strength of our movement."

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