Second Annual Portrait of the Movement Coming in February

January 24, 2012

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As a key element of our efforts to deepen the understanding of the academic performance of all charter public schools in California, our annual report on trends and results, Portrait of the Movement, will again be published in mid-February. Last year's report outlined for the first time a full rendering of all active charter public schools' performance against traditional schools', and was a groundbreaking addition to the understanding of which schools were producing stellar results, as well as which schools were underperforming against the measures in the newly introduced Accountability Framework.

This year, Portrait of the Movement 2012 will dissect the results of the charter movement applying the same framework and looking for trends year to year to explore whether performance is increasing over time, whether underperformance is decreasing, and how the different typologies of schools are faring. Portrait of the Movement will have annual results and results over time. Also new this year, we will explore how autonomy impacts achievement and we will explore more deeply the trends and patterns among school closures and schools that are replicating successfully. As we did last year, we will examine the characteristics and patterns of academic success among the most successful charters, particularly those in the highest 10 and 5 percent on the Similar Students Measure. A fully updated set of companion Web-enabled public tools will launch in coordination with the Portrait of the Movement's release.

Last year's Portrait of the Movement garnered national attention and praise from education reform advocates, researchers, and policy groups. Indeed, in late October, Portrait of the Movement was awarded the Research Project of the Year, from the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA), garnering the Award for Excellence in Advancing Knowledge during the 2011 NACSA Annual Leadership Conference, or as it was introduced during the ceremony, the National Geek Award.

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