Redesigned Regional Meetings Offer Localized Discussion, Networking

January 19, 2012

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CCSA's Regional Meetings offer charter school leaders a rare and important opportunity to meet in-person and focus on advocacy and collective action. These free meetings are held throughout the state three times a year, and are hosted by your regional director and Member Council representative.

Based on feedback from members, the Association's Statewide Advocacy team has redesigned regional meetings to be more interactive, with members serving as active participants from the development of the agenda to the presentation of information. Now more than ever, regional meetings are designed to draw on the collective wisdom of CCSA resources and your charter colleagues in order to address important state and local issues.

"Members who have attended regional meetings in the past have given us valuable feedback that has helped us conclude that we can do better," said Gary Borden, senior vice president, Statewide Advocacy. "In each region, we've taken a hard look at what we've been doing and worked to make it even better."

In Northeastern California, Regional Director Laura Kerr offered members three ways to provide feedback on the Region 2 and 3 meetings. Members could call into a region-wide conference call hosted by Member Council Representatives Dr. David Patterson (Region 3) and Casey Taylor (Region 2), could email Patterson or Taylor directly, or could attend the upcoming meetings and complete an evaluation.

Los Angeles Managing Regional Director Allison Bajracharya and her team took a different tact, devising an agenda that includes a series of breakout discussions, including budget/legislative updates, facilities solutions in LAUSD, special education options, findings from CCSA's most recent public opinion polling data and more. "We hope members can make it to the regional meeting to network with their peers, engage in conversations that are most relevant to them, and be inspired by the impact we are collectively making in Los Angeles," explained Bajracharya.

The Inland Empire regional meeting will also focus on local issues. There, charter leaders will discuss the key role of charters in a regional initiative to better prepare students in the Riverside and San Bernardino Counties for college and/or career. The discussion will be led by co-chairs of the Inland Empire Education Council Pam Clute and Mike Gallo. Additionally, charter leaders will have the opportunity to discuss the future of the San Bernardino Unified with Gallo, who was recently elected to that school board.

"Across the state, these important in-person gatherings offer charter school principals and directors the opportunity to get details on emerging charter school issues, plug into advocacy efforts that support their school, and connect with charter leaders in their area," concluded Borden. "If you haven't RSVPed yet, be sure to do so today!"

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