1/13/12 Charter News Round-Up

January 13, 2012

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Clayton Valley Conversion Approved By County Board

This week, the Contra Costa County Board of Education unanimously approved a proposal to convert Clayton Valley High to a charter school. The proposal had been previously denied by the Mt. Diablo School District, and petitioners appealed that decision in an effort to improve public education options for students in that area. The conversion charter will open this fall. For more, read the articles in the San Jose Mercury News, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the online publication Patch.com.

Call For Non-Renewal Is Top Accountability Priority For CCSA

Last month, CCSA released our call for non-renewal for 10 underperforming charter schools across California. Accountability is one of the Association's top priorities, as explained in Jed Wallace's Op-Ed featured in Capitol Weekly. To read more on the Call for Non-Renewal, visit our accountability page. Speaking of the call for non-renewal, the renewal of one of the schools on that list is up for discussion. Read an editorial in the Sacramento Bee, which takes a closer look at the school, and calls for more accountability.

Approvals and Denials

This week was a busy one across the state in regards to charter school petitions and renewals. In Oakland, the board approved a new charter to open in the fall, as well as renewals for local charters. However, the board also rejected several conversion proposals. Read more about that in the Oakland North publication. Other petitions that were denied included charters in Livermore and Dublin. The San Jose Mercury News has the details.

Charter Schools Making A Difference

The San Diego Union-Tribune featured this week a story on a new charter school in the Sweetwater area that is set to open its doors this coming fall. The charter will provide programs from kindergarten all the way to college, and will focus on math and science programs. Read more about how this charter plans to change the way we look at public education here. Another interesting story came out of the Morgan Hill Times, with an article that explained what charter schools are, who they serve, and their impact. Read that story here.

The Good News

And to finish up the week, we would like to share with you a couple of inspirational stories. The Stockton Record, for instance, published the story of a local charter student who is fighting for a spot in a national competition on geography. Click here to read more. Another highlight came from KPCC-AM, which discussed the substantial investment to public education that the Broad Foundation has made. At a time when the state grapples with fiscal difficulties that may lead to additional budget cuts, and districts fighting to stay afloat, the news is certainly encouraging.

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