Sacramento Bee Response: A Charter Leader's Take

December 16, 2011

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After reading complaints about charter school closures, I for one appreciate CCSA's approach to accountability and understand that the charter school movement in the state and nationally needs to police itself before we become just like the rest of the public school system that talks about improvement and innovation but never gets around to it. Charter schools that are failing should be closed - we owe it to every family in California to demand more from our leaders and schools. These students can't afford to spend one minute in a nominal or low performing school and the tax payers can't afford it either. Congratulations CCSA for your willingness to stand up to fulfill the promise of the 1992 Charter School Act. Thank you for putting students first as adults fill the room with noise trying to justify to themselves why failing schools should remain open.

Cameron Curry
Executive Director, The Classical Academies

Chris Pagel

Dec 17, 2011

I wholeheartedly agree with Accountability. But the CCSA's one size fits all approach to Accountability is flawed. And more importantly their use of FRPL data so as to determine which students are similar is flawed. CCSA does not take responsibility to correct the errors, they force schools to take on an additional administrative burden to double report data to match their framework instead of using the acceptable reporting methods in CALPADS.


Communications Team

Dec 22, 2011

We thank you for the comment and would like to offer the following clarification on the Free/Reduced Lunch data question. To calculate Similar Students Measure (SSM) results, CCSA uses publicly-reported demographic data that corresponds to the students tested, as is standard procedure for testing-based accountability metrics. We download data directly from CDE so schools don’t need to report it to us separately. In the case that a school is processing data corrections with CDE, we work with those schools to expedite SSM results based on the accurate data, so as to not make schools wait the many months it may take CDE to process correct data. Note that it is beyond CCSA’s purview to make the corrections for individual schools with CDE but the above assistance is offered as an additional support to members that are in this process. In addition, since we know that navigating the reporting process for this important data can be complex, we provide deep technical guidance to members on how to go about collecting – and correcting – this information for public reporting purposes. Members can find these resources on our website in the Charter School Resource Library.


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