Sacramento Charter High School Continues Outstanding CST Achievement

September 5, 2011

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The California Department of Education recently released the results for the 2011 STAR program, including data on the performance of individual schools on the California Standards Tests (CSTs). In addition, the CDE also released the Academic Performance Index (API) and Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) information for all California schools.

Sacramento Charter High School students again showed strong gains on the CST, both overall and relative to their peers. Sac High students outperformed all of their district peers in Algebra I and World History, when compared against high schools with enrollment of 800 or more students. Compared with all open enrollment high schools in the district, SCHS students were also the top performers in US History, Life Science, Chemistry and Algebra II (tied). St. HOPE students continue to prove that when provided a high quality, college-prep education, all students can rise to the challenge and the achievement gap can be closed. In addition, St. HOPE is proving that students from traditionally underserved backgrounds can perform as well as or better than their more affluent peers given proper support, more time and the high expectations all students will be prepared to attend and graduate from a four-year college. "Sacramento Charter High School has come a long way in the last eight years, and while these results are evidence of our exceptional academic program, our goals are higher still. With over 70% of our seniors being accepted annually to four year colleges and universities, the St. HOPE vision has become a tangible reality. Though we have made great progress, we are committed to a program that prepares 100% of our students to be accepted and successful in the college or university that they choose." stated Will Jarrell, the principal of the high school.

In addition, within different ethnicity groups, especially African Americans and Latinos, Sac High students are far-outperforming their peers across the state and closing the achievement gap as the table below displays.

In addition to strong results from the CSTs, Sac High also showed a growth of 8 points on its API for an overall score of 786. This puts Sac High as the highest performing open enrollment large high school (800 or more students) within SCUSD. In addition, when looking at large high schools county-wide, Sac High has the 14th highest API and is the only school in the top 15 with a socio-economically disadvantaged population of more that 50%. Since Sac High has been operated by St. HOPE Public Schools its API has increased by 210 points compared to an increase on average of 86 points in all California schools in that same time frame. In regards to AYP, SCHS met 18 out of 18 criteria to meet the increasingly challenging requirements set by No Child Left Behind. Further analysis reflects that Sac High students continue to out-perform their peers across the state when compared to similar groups of high school students.

St. HOPE's results mark a contrast to the overall trend among California schools as the state works to close the achievement gap. Despite state reforms over the past decades, the gap between minority students and white students across California has narrowed only slightly. At St. HOPE, we have shown just the opposite. Sac High, with a minority student body well over 90%, has achieved a 210 point jump in its API since 2003.

In addition to these tremendous gains in API, the high school has shown remarkable progress in moving students to and above grade level.

Sacramento Charter High School recently earned a six year WASC accreditation, the highest possible rating, one earned by only 15.5% of schools.

St. HOPE (SHPS) Public Schools is a public charter school system that focuses on students from low-income and minority backgrounds, providing them with a high-quality, rigorous college preparatory education. PS7 (grades K-8) and Sacramento Charter High School (grades 9-12) provide personalized attention to their students, committing more time with an extended school day to achieve academic results. SHPS also operates Triumph Center for Early Childhood Education, a public preschool providing unique early childhood education to approximately 65 children. The three schools serve approximately 1,500 students.

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