New Appointments to the Advisory Commission on Charter Schools

August 11, 2011

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The Advisory Commission on Charter Schools (ACCS) is an advisory committee established by the State Board of Education (SBE) to advise the SBE on all aspects of the Board's duties under the Charter Schools Act. The ACCS's role is to assist the SBE in ensuring that charter schools realize higher student achievement through sound educational programs and practices and proper financial management. The ACCS reviews appeals on petitions for establishment of charters as well as appeals of renewals of charters, and advises the SBE on revocation of charters and funding determinations for non-classroom based charter schools.

The ACCS is comprised of eight members and includes as continuing commissioners Brian Bauer, principal of Granada Hills Charter High School; Curtis Washington, a teacher at Mills High School; Gary Davis, a charter school parent; and Vicki Barber, the Superintendent of the El Dorado County Office of Education. The new members this year are Christopher Thomsen, a Board Trustee at the Sequoia Union High School District; John Porter, superintendent of the Franklin-McKinley School District; Kelly Kovacic, a teacher at The Preuss School UCSD; and Mark Ryan, principal of the Oakland Military Institute.

As an advisory committee, the ACCS provides recommendations on issues before them to the SBE, which ultimately decides the issues. With the new administration and Superintendent of Public Instruction, the ACCS remains a vital source of information for the SBE on charter school issues. CCSA engages in all ACCS discussions by providing testimony and advice on state policy and regulatory issues. CCSA also supports its members when their schools are before the ACCS to advocate for a fair recommendation to the SBE on each charter issue.

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