California Charter Schools Association Responds to "USC School Performance Dashboard" Report

June 15, 2011

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For Immediate Release

Contact: Vicky Waters, CCSA
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Jed Wallace, president and CEO of the California Charter Schools Association, issued the following statement today following the release of University of Southern California's "Report on Financial Health and Academic Performance," as well as a List of Top 10 Charter Schools in California:

"Transparency is a critical element to ensure full accountability in our public institutions, and California's public charter schools are committed to fulfilling the promise of better options for a high quality education for its students. By integrating useful data on fiscal performance, governance stability and academic performance, USC's dashboard results point parents, policymakers and the movement itself to a fuller, yet nuanced response to the question of how charters perform, down to the school site level. This study confirms, yet again, that California's public charter schools continue to gain momentum in serving traditionally underserved communities and serving them significantly better, while enrolling a higher proportion of significant subgroups than traditional schools. By including a snapshot of each school's finances, USC's report also provides a useful temperature check on the fiscal health of the movement, and demonstrates quite dramatically how charters are uniquely poised to weather the economic storm gripping the nation and public education in California, and how charters are prioritizing and protecting the classroom from the worst cuts."

"We congratulate the schools listed in the report's Top Ten list, as we are fully aware of the accomplishments and the impact they are having in their respective communities. Their diversity in education models, and the areas they serve, shows that the dream of high performing charter schools in every community is closer to a reality today thanks to their amazing efforts."

"The California Charter Schools Association is committed to strengthening accountability, transparency, and sound management in charter schools, and has been actively working, both through advocacy and legislative efforts, and support to our member schools to ensure that charter school students receive the top quality education they deserve and expect when they enroll in a charter school."

Click here for a copy of USC's Report.

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