6/24/11 Charter News Round-Up

June 24, 2011

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National Conference Brings Charter Supporters to Atlanta

This week, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools held the annual National Charter Schools Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Thousands of charter schools leaders, teachers and supporters attended the event, where President Bill Clinton was honored, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan spoke, and thousands rallied to overturn anti-charter court rulings in that state. For more on the week's events, read the articles from the Associated Press, NewsMax, FoxNews Atlanta and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Anti-Charter Legislation Decried

Anti-charter legislation is still alive in the Capitol, with Assembly Bill 401 awaiting its first hearing in the state Senate. The California Charter Schools Association vehemently opposes this bill, as it would limit the growth of charters, and the options and choices available to families. This week, the San Diego Union Tribune published an editorial against the bill. To read it, click here.

Charter School Accountability in the News

It is undeniable that charter schools are growing due to the demand of parents and students for better options. As education reform continues to be a topic of debate across the country, more attention is being focused on charter school accountability and results. USA Today explored the issue in this editorial. Learn more about CCSA's efforts to increase charter school accountability by clicking here.

Charters for the 21st Century

What makes a school successful in the 21st Century? That's the million-dollar-question, and one answer seems to be resonating: the use of innovation and technology is proving successful in preparing students. Read and listen to the National Public Radio story on the subject.

Along those same lines, The Washington Post had an interesting piece on education reform for the newer generations, and the Educated Guess blog also discussed the importance of designing schools that truly motivate and prepare students for the challenges of today's world.

Charter School Facilities Across the State

Charter schools across California face numerous challenges, including identifying and securing facilities to run their schools and grow their enrollment. It was reported this week that Bay View Charter in the Bay Area will have a new site, while further south, the Los Angeles Unified School District moved forward with plans to co-locate a new charter with a district school. For more on that story, read The Venice Patch.

Charters Continue to Grow in California

And to wrap up the week on a good note...the charter movement continues to grow in California. This past school year, charters had their largest one-year growth in history, with 115 new schools across the state. Charters have consistently grown over the past 20 years, and this year, we continue to see evidence of that. MSN India, for example, reported on the upcoming inauguration of a new charter school in the Sacramento Valley, while the Stockton Record published a report on a new charter looking to open its doors in the fall.

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