1/28/11 Charter News Round-Up

January 28, 2011

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Public School Choice 2.0 Advisory Vote Underway in Los Angeles

Parents and community members have been participating in the Public School Choice (PSC) advisory vote over the past couple of weeks, casting their ballots to decide their preferred school model for new and low-performing campuses previously identified by the Los Angeles Unified School District. This is a very important issue for the Association, and this week, CCSA and L.A. area charter leaders met with the Daily News to discuss benefits and challenges. The resulting editorial calls for equity in the process. To read it, click here. Also, the Daily News, the Daily Breeze, and Spanish-language EGP News have stories on the advisory vote and local communities.

For more information on PSC 2.0 and charter participation, visit the PSC link on our website.

LAUSD Charter School Facilities in the News

This week, the LAUSD board unanimously approved a plan that will offer long-term solutions to facilities challenges for charter schools. The plan would create some 25,000 seats for students in the 2012 school year. The Daily News covered the story and the impact to charters. Also, next week, districts across the state, including LAUSD, have to make preliminary offers of space to charter schools who applied for facilities. Under Proposition 39, districts have to offer equitable space to charter students. For more on Prop. 39, visit our web pageand stay tuned for updates.

Charter School Growth Continues Across the State

Charter schools in California saw their largest one-year growth on record this past school year, despite a downturn in the economy. Support for the charter movement is expanding, as parents seek better education options for their children. The Lodi News-Sentinel has a story on how local charters have increased not just in numbers, but also in achievement, as all three of the charter schools in this area continue to receive some of the highest scores in their district.

In the Bay Area, the Concord Patch ran a story about the first charter high school that will serve Mount Diablo Unified students. Flex Academy will offer small classes and a wealth of AP and electives through a "hybrid" format, combining online education and a campus environment, college and career planning and placement tools, science and art labs, tutoring -- as well as the ability to participate in school clubs, activities and sports teams.

New Charter School Study

The Washington Policy Center released a study this week assessing charter schools and their academic achievement. California schools like KIPP, Rocketship, and Green Dot are profiled in the report, which discusses best practices and closing the achievement gap. To read the report, click here. Rocketship's CEO John Danner was the subject of an interview by Alexander Russo from Scholastic Administrator; read the interview here.

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