Sacramento News & Review Response: Sac High is Delivering on its Promise

December 3, 2010

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Cosmo Garvin's piece "Time for Action on Sac High" is out of touch with the need for real education reform not just in Sacramento, but across the state. By pushing new school board members to pick on a top performing charter school whose focus is to graduate seniors and encourage higher education is ignoring the real issues public schools are facing.

Last year, less than half (47%) of Sacramento City Unified schools met their Academic Performance Index targets, according to the California Department of Education. In addition, the district is facing a budget deficit, pension reform, and declining graduation rates. Closing the achievement gap and getting our students prepared and motivated to go to college should be their top priority, not seeking to close Sac High to provide space for the elite in East Sacramento.

Charter schools, like Sac High, are public schools of choice that are tuition-free that serve all students. In addition, Sac High had higher graduation rates and academic performance for African American and Latino students than many other high schools in the district. For students, parents and communities, charter schools provide a choice in public education that allows them to receive a high-quality education, and to commit to being directly involved in the success of the students.

We urge the Sacramento City Unified school board members to focus on fixing what's broken, and not breaking something that is delivering on its promise.

Laura Kerr
Regional Director, Northern California
California Charter Schools Association

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