Member Satisfaction Drives Movement Success

November 23, 2010

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The historic volume of new charter schools in 2010-11 shows the California charter school movement's tireless efforts are paying off:

  • More developers are successful in opening their doors (115 in 2010-11, in fact)
  • High-quality schools are replicating, and
  • California is on the verge of finalizing accountability standards.

None of this is possible without the pooling of minds and resources, so thank you for your continued membership with CCSA. Your feedback keeps us on pace with school needs, and one way we gather feedback is through an annual satisfaction survey.

The survey gauges overall satisfaction with the Association, as well as drills down on specific initiatives and programs. We're pleased to report that member satisfaction remains high. But why stop there?

To make sure membership remains a high-quality investment, we do the following things:

  • Channel the movement's collective power to win statewide, local, and legal battles
  • Save you time and money through charter-specific business solutions at preferred pricing
  • Provide transparent, timely customer service

Click here for more information on the results of the 2010 Member Satisfaction Survey.

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