11/12/10 Charter News Round-Up

November 12, 2010

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New Charter Schools Announcement

This week, the California Charter Schools Association made our annual new schools announcement. This school year, charter schools grew by 115 statewide, bringing the total number of charters in California to 912. That's the highest of any state in the country, and the most significant one-year growth in the history of the charter movement. Read some of the coverage:

Court Sides with Charter Schools On Prop. 39

The Los Angeles Superior Court this week rejected a motion to dismiss CCSA's lawsuit against LAUSD on Prop.39 non-compliance. Read the Spanish-language La Opinion story, and check out CCSA CEO Jed Wallace's statement on the matter.

SBE Approves New Revocation Regulations for Charter Schools

This week, the State Board of Education approved new regulations for dealing with chronically low-performing charter schools. The new regulations, which will start being implemented around January of 2011, include several criteria. Read John Fensterwald's blog post on this issue.

Los Angeles Hosts First Charter School Leadership Symposium

Last weekend, charter leaders and educators met to discuss the future of public education in Los Angeles. Los Angeles Unified School District Deputy Superintendent John Deasy was in charge of opening the symposium, and spoke of the opportunity charter schools offer. CCSA's CEO Jed Wallace was also there, as well as Don Shalvey from the Gates Foundation. Read more about it in the Loyola Marymount University newsroom, and watch one of the session's debates televised on L.A.'s Fox 11 news.

Rocketship CEO Awarded McNulty Prize

John Danner, the co-founder and CEO of Rocketship Education, received the McNulty Prize this month, which celebrates extraordinary young leaders who are making creative, effective and lasting contributions to their communities. Rocketship has three outstanding schools in San Jose, with the mission of closing the achievement gap and creating more opportunities and choice for public school students. Read John Danner's op-ed on the significance of the McNulty Prize, and the future of Rocketship, in the Huffington Post.

Governor-Elect Brown Calls to Eliminate Secretary of Education Position

Two months before he's slated to officially take the Governor's office, Jerry Brown has started to lay out plans to deal with an already daunting budget deficit, including the elimination of the Secretary of Education, a Cabinet post. Read the San Gabriel Valley Tribune's take on what this would mean for education, and why the idea may not be welcomed.

Aspire Public Schools Volunteers Help Build Playground in Sacramento

This Veterans Day, several volunteers, including staff and students from Aspire Public Schools, joined forces to build a playground from top to bottom at the site of the Alexander Twilight College Prep Academy charter school. News10 covered the story, and they have more information and a slide show here.

Dispelling Charter School Myths

In an effort to address common misconceptions for parents about charter schools, the San Diego Parent Magazine included a thorough article on the most common myths and truths. This information is a great tool for parents and communities. Check it out here.

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