Don't Wait for "Superman"

October 5, 2010

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Waiting for "Superman" is a powerful and courageous film. It shows that great schools come from great teachers. And it exposes the forces that deny children more of both.

Many problems plague our public education system and there is no single solution. But this much is clear: It's not the kids. It's not their parents. It's not their neighborhoods. It's an outdated bureaucratic system, the special interests that benefit from it, and the politicians who protect it. Children's futures must not depend on the zip code where they live or whether they win the educational lottery.

For too long, we waited as we spent more money, reduced class size, and chased the latest fad. We are Done Waiting. We know what works and we need more of it now. The kids can't wait. You shouldn't either. Make the difference. Join the movement.

The California Charter Schools Association is an official partner of the Done Waiting Advocacy Coalition and we want you to support it too. Click on the petition tab at or "like" us on Facebook at to tell your state and federal elected officials that you are Done Waiting!

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