10/29/10 Charter News Round-Up

October 29, 2010

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Extending School Hours Get Results, If Done Right

The idea of extending school hours and years to increase academic achievement, is gaining momentum, with even President Barack Obama endorsing it recently. However, as much as students may need the additional instruction, if it's not done right, it could lead to dire consequences both for students and teachers. Read Allison V. Smith's (from KIPP, Bay Area) piece in Newsweek for a personal account of this issue.

Dr. Oz Fights Obesity At Sacramento-Area Charter School

Television personality Dr. Oz launched his national program HealthCorps this week at Sacramento Charter High School in an effort to help fight obesity in young people. Sacramento County has the third highest obesity rate of the 58 counties in California. Mayor Kevin Johnson was on hand at the event, and will help in the promotion of the program. For more, read the article here.

Healthier Lunches at Santa Ynez Charter

Speaking of healthier lifestyles, to promote healthier and better eating habits, the Santa Ynez Charter School partnered with Santa Ynez Elementary School to join the s'Cool Food Initiative, which helps students learn to create freshly prepared lunches. The students learn a hands-on approach to making fresh and healthy meals that the rest of their classmates can enjoy, and then carry that knowledge forward. Here's more on this story.

Charter Schools Vs. Status Quo

In the heels of a Summit Charter School being denied in the San Jose area, a County Board of Education member writes a thoughtful blog on the role of charter schools in the needed transformation of our current education system. Read it in San Jose Inside.

Gubernatorial Candidates and Education

This coming Tuesday, Californian's will decide on a new governor, and with that decision, the chance at reforming the state's education system. Both Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman consider education a top priority, and both favor charter schools. But their proposals differ. Read California Watch's comparison for more information.

Raffle A Success For Santa Cruz Area Schools

Various Santa Cruz area charter schools joined forces with other public schools to raise funds for their schools in their annual Drive For Schools fundraiser. Raffle tickets were sold at each of the schools, including Cypress Charter High School and Delta Charter School, among others, at $5 a piece, and generated a record $384,000. Find out what the winner of the raffle received here.

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