Recent News Stories Outline Issues Facing the Charter School Movement

July 16, 2010

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Three recent articles outline the full spectrum of issues facing the charter school movement in California:

A Victor Valley Daily Press article describes the growth of the state's charter school movement, noting "the rising popularity of charters has been fueled by parents who want smaller-sized programs that cater to their children's interests and learning styles." Read the story

Another article examines the financial and bureaucratic obstacles charter schools face in exchange for greater autonomy. The article quotes a Victor Elementary School District superintendent, who shares his perspective on competition between charters and traditional public schools: "if (traditional schools are) losing children, they shouldn't blame charters. I don't think having a one-size-fits-all educational program and mandating students be there is a good response."

Along those same lines, a retired professor of secondary education's op ed piece focuses on the need to "find ways to build bridges and find consensual solutions." After all, "the more effective educational alternatives (including high-quality charter schools) we provide to match the varied needs of children and adolescents, the greater the strength of our public schools." Read the Marin Independent Journal story

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