CCSA Statement on L.A. Mayor's Announcement Against Public School Choice Application Inequities

June 24, 2010

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For Immediate Release
May 24, 2010

Contact: Vicky Waters, CCSA
(415) 505-7575

CCSA urges LAUSD Board to make application process more consistent.

"We appreciate Mayor Villaraigosa's continued commitment to transforming education reform in Los Angeles, and to offer high-quality education opportunities to all students.

"Despite the challenges and barriers from the first round of the PSC process, many quality charters, with proven track records, will once again participate and rise to the challenge to bring quality education options to LAUSD's students.

"However, CCSA is concerned that LAUSD is creating two classes of public school students by negatively targeting charters, and setting up an inconsistent evaluation framework.

"We believe that ALL applicants should be held to the SAME standards, and that track records and quality be the focus when it comes time for the Board to make a final decision. Not doing so would send a negative message to charter school leaders, students and parents."

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