AB 1172: Oppose


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Guts the Charter School Approval Process


  • Allows a school district to deny a charter school petition based on negative fiscal impact to the district

Impact on Charter Schools

  • Completely changes the petition approval process by inserting fiscal reasons for the first time, in spite of the fact that California's charter law already has clear reasons for why a petition can be denied
  • Gives school districts an "easy out" for denying a charter school that is otherwise likely to succeed - equating a new charter school to a negative fiscal impact on a district is a precedent that the charter school community cannot allow
  • Even with amendments that narrowed the scope of the bill, if law, this bill would be used to stop the growth of charter schools in California

CCSA Action & What You Can (and did!) Do

  • CCSA strongly opposed this bill, and advocated against it in 2011
  • Thousands of charter school supporters participated in our Action Alert on this bill, called members of the Assembly Education Committee, and hundreds came to the State Capitol on CCSA's Advocacy Day to be opposed to the bill in committee when it was heard in May 2011
  • Thanks to your participation, AB 1172 failed to pass the Assembly Education Committee!
  • Now, because of California's two year legislative session, AB 1172 was later amended and heard in committee again; CCSA continued to advocate against this bill as it moved forward
  • When AB 1172 was heard in the Senate Education Committee in June 2012, CCSA and charter school advocates made their voices heard; thanks to your participation, AB 1172 failed to pass the Senate Education Committee!
  • We must continue to stand firm against attempts to link charter schools to negative fiscal impacts on school districts.
  • CCSA will remain alert for any additional amendments or other attempts to bring this issue back during the rest of the legislative year; stay informed by reading our Capitol Update mailings.

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