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When a charter petition is originally approved, the school is authorized to operate for a period of up to five years. In order to continue operating, the charter school must then be re-authorized (or renewed). California Education Code Section 47607 describes the basic process and criteria for renewal, but you can also find a basic overview here.

In recent years, CCSA has seen a growing number of charter schools across the state struggle through the renewal process. Schools with strong track records have been denied due process and forced to close their doors, while other charter schools of questionable quality have avoided authorizer scrutiny all together. (Get more information on the extent of renewal challenges.).

CCSA works with its members locally to create a healthy and predictable charter authorizing climate that curbs authorizer overreach while ensuring a robust floor for minimum academic standards that is also predictable, stable and transparent. Currently, CCSA is working toward legislative and regulatory refinements to the renewal process and criteria to provide those improvements to the renewal process. To this end, CCSA has sponsored legislation which would have established clearer guidelines for charter school academic accountability and renewal. Additionally, CCSA is working with the California Department of Education and State Board of Education on regulations that would refine the charter renewal process to assist charter schools as they navigate the process.

Members, learn more about SB 1290 and the new renewal standard.

Further, CCSA supports its members through the renewal process, helping schools that met the standards for renewal navigate the technical and political aspects of the process.

CCSA has adopted Minimum Criteria for Renewal based on the CCSA Accountability Framework, as part of our efforts to ensure appropriate accountability within the movement. Schools must meet the CCSA Minimum Criteria for Renewal in order to qualify for CCSA support at time of renewal. Click to read more about the CCSA Minimum Criteria for Renewal and our accountability work.

Find resources CCSA provides to assist our charter school members as they navigate the renewal process with their particular authorizer.

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