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Legal challenges continue to be a major obstacle in the charter school movement. Many schools are forced to divert financial resources away from important educational programs in order to address challenges such as overregulation by authorizers and facilities inequities, among other things. CCSA's Legal Advocacy Team provides various resources to members and the general public in an effort to address these inequities.

Charter Schools Legal Defense Fund (LDF)

CCSA established the Charter Schools Legal Defense Fund (LDF) with the goal of providing California charter school students continued access to programs, facilities, and resources needed for high-quality education. Learn more.

Charter Schools Legal Library

CCSA has compiled a selection of legal documents from key California cases on several critical topics. This resources is provided as a service to the charter school legal community. Explore the Legal Library.

Compilation of Selected Laws Applicable to Charter Schools

In partnership with the law firm of Procopio Cory Hargreaves & Savitch, CCSA's LDF publishes a Compilation of Selected Laws Applicable to Charter Schools. This booklet is a handy reference for charter school operators and board members of member schools. Bookmark it or print it out and keep it handy for easy desk reference. It contains all the relevant legislative and regulatory changes affecting charter schools this year. Download the document.

California Charter School Attorney Network

CCSA facilitates a Charter School Attorney Network to share information regarding laws applicable to charter schools and discuss emerging legal trends impacting charter schools, with the ultimate goal of advancing the charter school movement through strategically-aligned legal advocacy.

Legal Advisory Committee

In 2005 CCSA created a Legal Advisory Committee comprised of select attorneys from throughout the state of California. Based upon individual expertise and contributions, we have selected attorneys who serve charter school clients or who are charter school board members. Each month we convene to discuss legal issues affecting charter schools. The LAC is an invaluable resource for CCSA and its membership.

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