Request for Applications for Qualified Special Education Service Providers

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Central to the charter school movement is the promise of innovative and effective learning environments designed to meet the needs of all students, including those with disabilities. In accordance with the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act ("IDEA"), charter schools that serve as their own local education agency ("LEA") for special education purposes assume full responsibility for providing quality and compliant special education services, and bear the full cost of providing these services.

Additionally, many charter schools that depend on their districts for special education services seek to supplement those services with additional service contracts to ensure quality, timeliness, compliance, and reasonable costs. Students with disabilities are increasingly looking to charter schools to uphold the intent of the IDEA and truly "individualize" their educational plans. Charter schools need access to a full continuum of services that will meet their students' unique needs, while avoiding exorbitant costs. The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) seeks to facilitate this access by providing its members with a list of qualified special education service providers that meet the CCSA selection criteria.

Request for Application

The purpose of this Request for Application ("RFA") is to invite special education service providers to undergo a rigorous review process to determine if they meet the CCSA minimum qualifications. Approval through the RFA process entitles a provider to be placed on the CCSA list of qualified service providers and assures charter schools that the provider has met the selection criteria by providing evidence of the following:

  • Sufficient organizational infrastructure to support service delivery
  • Managerial capacity for program supervision and control of quality
  • Research-based service delivery model and evidence of effectiveness
  • Financial capacity and insurance

When seeking a special education service provider, CCSA members have the option to select from those that have met the minimum qualifications and gone through a review process. There is no guarantee that if selected to be on the list, your organization will serve charter school students. The list will be provided to member charter schools, which will then select and contract for the services that best suit their schools' needs. CCSA does not hire service providers or pay for services.

This is not a competitive RFA and as many providers can be included on the list as meet the specified criteria. The qualified list will be updated annually. Each review period there will be an opportunity for new providers to demonstrate that their organization meets the minimum qualifications. Member satisfaction with qualified providers will be monitored on an ongoing basis, and providers can also be removed from the list if they fail to meet the requirements or as requested.

Application Instructions

Providers interested in being placed on the approved service provider list shall submit a survey, along with required attachments, at any point during the year. Applications will be reviewed periodically throughout the year.

Application Instructions Below

Please submit a completed survey via this link.

Please send (via e-mail only) to Brigette Dutra at: the following additional materials:

  1. Cost & Fees

    • Provide a cost per pupil, per unit of service, including a description of the specific unit of service (i.e. one hour per week, 10 hours per month, daily for one semester, etc.), OR
    • Provide a specific description of the pricing structure, including a fee schedule for direct services, planning, consultation, travel, and attendance at IEP meetings, where applicable.
      Include any additional costs that may be billed to a charter school using the services, such as costs for purchasing equipment or technology.
  2. Financial Capacity Submit evidence demonstrating that your organization is financially sound, such as current audited financial statements, your entity's most recent tax return, or a clear description of how you currently receive funds. For-profit agencies must include a copy of their state license. Nonprofit agencies must provide a copy of their 501(c)(3) certificate.

  3. Insurance Submit evidence of a certificate of liability insurance identifying your liability insurance and workers compensation carriers. Liability insurance coverage must be at a minimum of $1 million per occurrence and property insurance should be provided covering school's building and contents.

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