CCSA Member Satisfaction Remains High


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Feedback from CCSA members keeps the Association on pace with school needs, and one way we gather feedback is through an annual satisfaction survey. The survey gauges overall satisfaction with our Charter School Membership and to understand how well CCSA is delivering on its value proposition to members. Through the survey, we are also able to drill down to see how members feel about specific initiatives and programs. We're pleased to report that member satisfaction remains high.

The 2011 Member Satisfaction Survey had a 34% member response rate. Eighty-three (83) percent of respondents were school leaders, 6% were financial contacts, two (2) percent were board members, and nine (9) percent of respondents identified their role at the school as "other."

Key Findings

  • Overall member satisfaction remains high at 84%.
  • Being part of the larger movement continues to reign within the top two reasons schools join CCSA.
  • Statewide advocacy (86%) and being part of the larger movement (70%) are the top two reasons schools join CCSA.
  • Statewide advocacy is a cornerstone of CCSA's membership value proposition, and many members agree it assists with fulfilling their school's mission.
  • A majority of members also join for the rich array of members-only resources -- particularly online resources at

Value Proposition

To make sure membership remains a high-quality investment, CCSA:

  • Channels the movement's collective power to win statewide, local, and legal battles
  • Saves you time and money through charter-specific business solutions at preferred pricing
  • Provides transparent, timely customer service

Have Feedback?

We value your input on how we can improve the specific features of membership. Feel free to contact any CCSA staff member, or contact Member Services staff directly by email or by phone at (866) 411-2272.

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