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CCSA Answers: Keeping an Original Conversion Charter School Site Under Proposition 39

Question: Can a conversion charter keep its original school site under Proposition 39?

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Update: Pavik v. Fillmore Unified (PERB Decision)

The Public Employment Relations Board renders an important decision in the Fillmore Unified School District regarding the ability of school district teachers to engage in charter school development and petition activities without fear of retaliation from a school district.

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CCSA Answers: Release Requirements for Students from another District's Attendance Area

Question: Before conversion, we required any student coming from another district’s attendance area to be released in writing from his or her resident district. Do charter schools need to follow this policy?

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Conversion Charter Schools: A Closer Look

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As of 2010-11, California is home to139 conversion charters - traditional public schools that converted into charter public schools. This unique group of schools represents 16% of California’s charter school movement and serves 25% of all charter school students. But what do they look like and how are they doing?

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Charter School Conversions: Myths vs. Facts

the majority of charter schools in California are founded as start-up, or new, schools, there’s a growing number of those that are conversions of traditional public schools. Many more across the state are considering the conversion process. CCSA has created a new fact sheet is to dispel some myths on what conversions are, and outline the benefits they bring to public education.

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Key court decisions this week pave path for district-charter reforms

Two favorable legal decisions this week signal new opportunities for California’s charter schools and the school districts who partner with them to enact local reform. The Los Angeles teachers union has filed two legal actions related to the LAUSD Public School Choice reform initiative since it was passed in 2009.

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