Statement from CCSA CEO Jed Wallace on Charlottesville

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August 14, 2017 As we start the new school year, I know your students are looking to their teachers and school leaders for answers about recent events in Charlottesville that have left us in shock, despair, disgust, and disbelief. Whatever your reaction may be, I hope this moment can become a catalyst for further reflection and commitment to do our part to eradicate the menace of racism and bigotry wherever we may find it. It is moments like this that require that CCSA project the values of our members, our organization and our movement, underscoring our collective disgust with the events that have transpired in Charlottesville and offering assistance to our members whose students and broader school communities may need additional resources to process the events that we have seen unfold in Virginia.

If your school community has specific needs related to the events happening in Charlottesville, I encourage you to please contact us at If you have thoughts about how we at CCSA might convert the events that have transpired in Charlottesville into an even deeper commitment to make more rapid progress as a broader movement on the critical need to purge racial bias and hatred from the spheres wherein we have influence, I would be eager to hear from you.

I thank you for the great support you are offering to our students and school communities in difficult moments such as this.

Jed Wallace - CEO, CCSA