Latest Edition of the California Charter Schools Financial Management Guide Now Available!

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March 9, 2015 The latest edition of the California Charter Schools Financial Management Guide, compiled by CCSA's Knowledge Management Team, highlights several articles which focus on financial management and issues with fiscal implications. These are important for charter school leaders and boards to consider and include the following:

  • Data-driven Dollars: The Importance of Free and Reduced Lunch Data
  • Local Control Funding Formula: Getting the Most from LCFF?
  • Evolution or Revolution? What New E-Rate Rules Mean For Your Charter
  • Financial Implications of Common Core
  • School Spotlight: 2nd Year Common Core Implementation
  • How to Start an After School Program at a Charter School
  • The K-12 Audit Guide: Navigating State Compliance Requirements and Don't Forget the Feds
  • Budget Planning For New Charter Schools
  • How to Start a Preschool Program at a Charter School

This sixth edition of the Financial Management Guide is just one of many tools that CCSA's Knowledge Management Team makes available to assist our members in navigating the financial rapids. Read the entire Guide, here.