CCSA Answers: Making Up An Emergency School Closure

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March 28, 2015

Question: Our district recently had an emergency school closure and all schools, including ours, were closed for the full day. Our district is doing a make-up day. Do we need to make up the day, too? Our school calendar for this year numbers 177 days, with a total of over 57,990 minutes. If we do not make up the emergency day, students would attend a total of 176 days. My understanding is we are required to offer a minimum of 54,000 minutes and 175 school days per year. Is this correct? If we do not make up the emergency school closure, would our funding for the year be reduced?

Answer: You must only offer 175 days of instruction and the total instructional minutes for your grade level as follows:

Kindergarten: 36,000 minutes

Grades 1-3: 50,400 minutes

Grades 4-8: 54,000 minutes

Grades 9-12: 64,800 minutes

Assuming the grade levels you are serving are K-8, you will meet both requirements for full funding, so there is no need for a make-up day.