West Sacramento Parents Lead the Charge for a New Charter School

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August 23, 2013 Young West Sacramento families packed an August 21 community meeting to let school board members know they want a high quality charter school in their growing community.

West Sacramento is a growing city across the river from Sacramento. In the mid-2000's a new development called The Rivers began to attract young couples ready to start families. Now, these young parents are seeking high quality schools for their children, but they are not finding appealing options. The housing developers set aside land for a school, but there aren't enough students for Washington Unified School District to justify construction of a new facility.

Not content to wait, three parents reached out to CCSA to explore a charter school option. Staff from Families That Can, the Statewide Advocacy and the School Development and Support teams met with these parents and gave them the information, support and strategic planning advice they needed to move forward with their plans. On August 21, these parents, along with 50 other families, packed a community meeting with the Washington Unified Board President and Vice President to share their concerns about the lack of educational options available to their children. While there is still a long road ahead, the board members listened to the parents' concerns and encouraged the families to bring them a solution to address the need for a high quality school in this emergent community. This is truly a grassroots effort, led by parents, who want the very best for their kids.