Golden Valley Charter School Embraces Families That Can

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August 16, 2012 On August 14 and 15, Golden Valley Charter School of Orangevale hosted registration days for new and returning families. What could have been an assembly line of paperwork turned into an opportunity to engage charter school parents to become advocates for their school. Principal Deborah Lenny, and staff members Holly Holt and Andy Silvert invited Rachel Minnick, Director of Family and Community Engagement with Families That Can, to the event and asked every parent to visit the FTC table. As a result, over 100 families joined Families That Can. The passion that Golden Valley parents feel for their school underscores why the voices of charter parents must be heard at school board meetings and in the hearing rooms and offices in the State Capitol. This fall, Golden Valley Charter School will partner with Families That Can and other charter schools in the San Juan Unified School District to host a nonpartisan candidate forum.

With the launch of CIVICS, Families That Can will be reaching out to charter schools statewide to share nonpartisan voter information in order to increase democracy across California. To learn opportunities for charter school families to advocate for their schools' needs, visit