External Opportunity: Bring "First Generation" to Your School

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August 3, 2012 A new documentary follows the journey of four high school students as they navigate the road to college as the first in their families to go to college. The filmmakers are screening the film at schools and community centers to spark a community dialogue and help first-generation students learn to navigate their way through the system. Find out how to bring the film to your school.

In the United States less than 10% of college students come from low-income backgrounds and in the 146 most selective schools that number drops to under 3%. This is not because wealthier students are smarter or more driven than their low-income peers, but rather because high-income students have better access to information and support from their families, schools and communities as they navigate the college process.

Narrated by Golden Globe nominee Blair Underwood, the award-winning feature length documentary First Generation explores these issues by chronicling the lives of 4 low-income students all striving to become first in their families to go to college.

Last year the film premiered at The Heartland Film Festival and has since screened over 70 times at festivals, universities, high schools, middle schools, community groups, etc. The New York Times claims, "The documentary packs power in its subtle way of portraying the complex problems that these low-income, first-generation students face."

This fall/winter the filmmakers will be traveling with the film, screening it for students, parents, educators and government officials, as well as hosting Q&A panels, student workshops and plenary sessions all focused on starting a dialogue about how we can work together to make sure more students have the opportunity to attend college.

If you would like your school or organization to be a part of the tour, or know someone who would benefit from seeing the film, contact the First Generation team through the First Generation Film website. For direct screening inquiries, email Kelly at kelly@firstgenerationfilm.com.