Statement: Camp Fire and Southern California Fires Impacting Charter School Communities

November 16, 2018

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The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) has released a statement about wildfires burning throughout California, including the Camp Fire in Butte County, the Hill Fire in Thousand Oaks, and Woolsey Fire in Southern California. We will continue to update this webpage as more information becomes available.

"CCSA is devastated by the loss that wildfires like the Camp Fire, Hill Fire and Woolsey Fire have brought to charter school communities and communities at large throughout Butte County and Southern California. We are in steady contact with school leaders and are providing a range of supports to our school communities impacted by the fires, including working with affected charter schools to identify alternative education options for displaced students."

"For those interested, please join us in supporting the Butte County and Southern California communities via the Red Cross."

Media inquiries can be directed to Caity Heim at 916-926-8234,

School Closures

Butte County School Closures

Bay Area School Closures: Please see the latest updates from County Offices of Education throughout the Bay Area:

Southern California School Closures

Additional Resources

For schools impacted by the wildfires, please note the following resources from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction:

  • Resources and FAQs related to emergency response and recovery from the California Department of Education are available at this webpage.
  • Fire recovery resources for schools are available at this webpage.
  • Per the State Superintendent: Approval of school closures and material decreases in attendance may be requested by submitting two copies of Form J-13A. For more guidance on ADA relief, see the CDE's Frequently Asked Questions - Form J-13A. CCSA can provide support when it comes time to submit Form J-13A.

More resources will be provided as information becomes available.