CharterSAFE Launches Wildfire Recovery Fund & Provides Holiday Safety Tips

November 29, 2018

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CharterSAFE Launches Wildfire Recovery Fund

In the wake of the tragic fires that have devastated Butte and Ventura Counties, CharterSAFE established a Wildfire Recovery Fund for member schools. The Fund will waive members' $1,000 deductible for property losses due to the wildfire and will cover up to two air filter replacements for fire-ravaged schools. Ensuring the safety of students and faculty is paramount in the rebuilding process.

If your Butte or Ventura County school has suffered damage from the wildfires, or if you have questions about how to file a claim or schedule a site cleanup, CharterSAFE's team is always a phone call away. Contact Sue Bedard at or 818-429-3474.

Ring in the Season with CharterSAFE's Top 5 Holiday Safety Tips

The holidays are of course a great time to celebrate with your school community. Just remember that festivities can also bring hidden risks and liabilities. Let CharterSAFE's team of risk management experts (you can think of us as your friendly party police) help you avoid common pitfalls with our Top 5 Holiday Safety Tips:

  1. Winter weather can be dangerous. Falls are the most common claim and liability incidents. Install non-slip floormats and de-icers at each entry/exit point to absorb moisture that could lead to injury.

  2. Be careful with portable space heaters. Even in cold weather, they should be used as a last resort. Make sure your faculty follows these guidelines:

    • Ensure that any space heater is U.L. listed, has an automatic shutoff if tipped over and has a fully-enclosed exterior design to limit hot surfaces igniting a fire.
    • Keep space heaters at least 3 feet from any ignition sources and/or combustible materials.
    • Plug three-prong, grounded space heaters directly into an electrical outlet; do not use light-duty extension cords or surge protectors.
    • Turn off and fully unplug space heaters when exiting a classroom.
    • Consider a December Operations Team walkthrough to monitor and troubleshoot space heater usage in your school(s).

  3. The holiday season is a popular time for theft, break-ins and assault. Communicate safety protocols such as hiding laptops from plain view, walking in pairs to parking lots during non-school hours and ensuring valuables left in cars are properly hidden.

  4. Holiday parties can be risky, especially if the punch bowl has more than just punch. Some tips to protect your team:

    • Set clear expectations for holiday party behavior.
    • Do not serve alcohol or, if you choose to, implement a drink ticket system that limits the amount consumed.
    • Think twice before hanging mistletoe or engaging in party games that involve physical contact.
    • Designate a friendly party monitor to diffuse situations.
    • Host a holiday breakfast buffet instead of an evening event. 

  5. Keep holiday parties secular to honor the diverse community in your school(s).