CCSA Issues Retraction to July 8 Press Release on Settlement Between Attorney General and K12 Inc.

July 21, 2016

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The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) today issued a retraction to its July 8 press release entitled "CCSA Responds to Announcement by Attorney General Kamala Harris of $168.5 Million Settlement with K12 Inc." In its place, CCSA has issued the following statement:

CCSA is pleased that the Bureau of Children's Justice and False Claims Unit of the California Department of Justice reached a settlement agreement with K12 Inc. and the affiliated California Virtual Academies (CAVA) charter schools regarding alleged violations of California's false claims, false advertising and unfair competition laws.

While we are encouraged that Attorney General Harris believes that progress has been made in the settlement of this investigation, CCSA is concerned that the agreement does not go far enough in terms of addressing the central need to ensure that for-profit entities do not operate, or control the operations of, California charter schools.

Accordingly, CCSA and our members remain committed to working with the California legislature to make changes in statute that would:

  1. Require that all charter schools be operated by nonprofit corporations; and
  2. Prevent for-profit entities from controlling the governance, finances, or a majority of the staff working at a California charter school.

We are hopeful that with continued engagement with legislators on this topic we will be able to advance proposals that, rather than burdening nonprofit charter schools with unnecessary and ineffective regulation that actually fails to prevent for-profits from controlling the operation of charter schools, ensure for the long term that California's charter schools will be driven exclusively by nonprofit charter school operators.