Response to Voice of OC Op-Ed: "AUHSD Board: Time for a Moratorium on Charter Schools"

December 21, 2015

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CCSA submitted the following response to the op-ed in the Voice of OC, AUHSD Board: Time for a Moratorium on Charter Schools:

Enough is enough. The same old myths are tired, misguided and just plain wrong. The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) has repeatedly gone on record debunking and factually proving that charters are public schools, kids in charters are achieving academically, charters are non-profits, comply with federal and state laws, are held to exceptionally high standards of accountability, and supports anyone from the community whose primary concern is advocating and creating high quality education opportunities for students.

Anything else added to the conversation is simply an attempt to fracture communities, impede students' academic success and spread lies. It's time to stop the misguided rhetoric and for all of us to work together (districts, families, policymakers, schools) to ensure that our kids can reach their full academic potential, be prepared for college and become contributing members to society.

Check the facts, do your research and don't believe the hype.

Miles Durfee,
Managing Regional Director, Southern California