CCSA Issues Statement on the Approval of SB 1263 by the Assembly Education Committee

June 25, 2014

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President and CEO Jed Wallace of the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) released the following statement regarding the approval of SB 1263 that creates critical facilities barriers for charter schools by the Assembly Education Committee today.

By creating new restrictions and burdensome requirements on charter schools that have facilities located outside of their authorizing districts' boundaries, Senate Bill 1263 (Pavley) negatively impedes facilities access and options for all charter public schools and their students.

Senate Bill 1263 is seeking to resolve an issue in a specific district, exacerbates many charter schools facilities challenges, creates more work and uncertainty for charter schools when they face charter renewal, and draws resources away from educating students to thrive. The appropriate venue to resolve this matter is in the judicial system where there is a pending lawsuit. Any legislative action should be assessed after the case is resolved in the courts.

Allowing charter schools to locate one site outside of their authorizing district has provided a valuable backstop for charter schools with difficult or unique facilities challenges within their district of authorization. CCSA will continue to strongly oppose SB 1263 as it moves to the Assembly Floor for consideration.