CCSA and NWEA Partnership to Provide MAP Assessments for California Charter Schools at a Substantial Discount

October 25, 2013

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(Updated July 14, 2014) -- CCSA has partnered with the Northwest Evaluation Association™ (NWEA™) allowing California charter schools to receive a substantial discount on Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) assessments in Math, Reading, and Language Arts.

For just $11/student per year, California charter schools can administer the NWEA MAP assessments for 2014-15 (compared to a standard rate of $13.50/student). All charter schools in California are eligible to receive this discount. Charter schools currently using NWEA™ can receive the discounted rate in the form of a credit toward purchasing MAP® assessments in 2015-16.

CCSA has also negotiated discounts on the training that is required for schools new to NWEA. Schools accessing this substantial discount agree to share aggregated data with CCSA to help ensure CCSA can effectively advocate on behalf of the movement during this transition period when public data on student achievement is unavailable statewide.

MAP Assessments provide critical information to help schools effectively transition to Common Core. This data is important on three levels:

  • At the student level: Are students successfully making the transition to Common Core? What mid-course corrections to instruction are needed?
  • At the school level: How will schools maintain transparency and accountability with parents and the public? How will schools demonstrate academic success school-wide and with subgroups at time of renewal?
  • At the movement level: CCSA needs to be able to paint a portrait of the movement to be able to successfully advocate for charter schools and push for continued equitable access to facilities, funding and to protect against efforts to re-regulate charters or take away charter autonomy.

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This is what your school needs to do to participate and receive this substantial discount:

"CCSA would like to thank the NWEA organization, their leadership, and the charter school professionals who helped craft an agreement that focused on providing a valuable and affordable assessment tool for all charter public schools. In a time where the state has suspended state testing, it will be key to the movement's success that we have the MAP data to tell the story of how gains are being made statewide in communities being served by charter schools," said Jed Wallace, President and CEO of CCSA.

"I am pleased to see the alignment of the CCSA and NWEA has created a partnership to assist all charter public schools in a time when state mandated testing has been suspended. This crucial alliance is one that not only supports individual schools, but also strengthens the ability to capture valuable data to showcase the amazing work being performed daily throughout the Golden State in public schools of choice," said Cameron Curry, Executive Director of The Classical Academies in San Diego.

About the California Charter Schools Association
The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) is the membership and professional organization serving 1,130 charter public schools and more than 470,000 students in the state of California. The Vision of CCSA is to empower parents and educators to unleash a new era of innovation within public education so that highly autonomous and accountable schools of choice provide quality learning opportunities for all California students. The Mission of CCSA is to increase the number of students attending quality charter schools in California as quickly as possible by securing policy wins and providing the supports necessary to open and expand quality charter schools. For more information, please visit

About Northwest Evaluation Association
Northwest Evaluation Association™ (NWEA™) is a global not-for-profit educational services organization headquartered in Portland, Oregon. NWEA partners with educational organizations worldwide to provide computer-based assessment suites, professional development and research services. Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) adaptive assessments from NWEA leverage more than 30 years of research into student growth that informs decision-making at every level, from classrooms to boardrooms. The NWEA research center, The Kingsbury Center, uses the Growth Research Database (GRD™) to drive original research with universities, foundations and policymakers. Learn more at

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