Gompers Preparatory Academy Graduates First Senior Class

June 23, 2012

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In May, Gompers Prepaatory Academy Director Vincent Riveroll wrote on the CCSA blog:

As the California charter movement reaches its 20th year mark, Gompers Preparatory Academy (GPA) is celebrating our seven-year anniversary as conversion charter school in southeastern San Diego. I am proud to say that the students, staff, and families of GPA are transforming public education. We are proud that we have changed an unsafe, failing school into a thriving college prep academy. With an 88-point gain on the Academic Performance Index (API) for 2011, GPA is the most improved middle and high school in San Diego Unified. We are especially proud of our astonishing improvements in sub-group scores: Students with Disabilities had a 104-point gain; English Learners had a 99-point gain; African Americans had a 109-point gain, and Socioeconomically Disadvantaged students had a 101-point gain. These are ground breaking triumphs in our mission to accelerate academic achievement for ALL students.

But beyond standardized tests, the real accomplishments of GPA will come this June. We are proud that we will be graduating 100% of our first senior class! This is an incredible achievement for our school and our city as, nationwide, the average graduation rate for high poverty schools is a dismal 68%. We have stopped the "pipeline to prison," as one parent once called the Gompers campus, and opened a "highway to college."

Yesterday, the Gompers story came full circle with the graduation of its first senior class. CCSA was there to capture the graduation ceremony, talking to some of the graduating seniors and adults who were instrumental in the Gompers conversion.

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