CCSA Fights for Inclusion of Charter Schools in OUSD Facilities Bond Measure Proposal

June 27, 2012

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On Wednesday June 27, the Oakland Unified School Board is set to vote on a plan to include a facilities bond measure on the November ballot. The bond says that revenues would be used to renovate and upgrade current public schools. However, 20% of the public school students in Oakland are being left out of the bond.

That's because the Board did not include charter public schools in the original language of the bond, even though charter public schools in Oakland are not only growing in numbers and enrollment, but also in positive academic results. Currently, 20% of the students in public schools in Oakland Unified attend charter schools, and leaving their needs out is unacceptable. Not only that, their parents would be forced to pay for a bond that will not benefit their sons and daughters.

CCSA conducted a poll last night, which found an overwhelming majority of Oakland voters, 76%, would approve of a bond measure that includes 100% of ALL public school students, including those that attend charter schools. CCSA will be at the Board Meeting on Wednesday advocating for the equity of the 32 charters currently in Oakland Unified and the thousands of students that are enrolled in them.

Read an Op-Ed in the Oakland Tribune from CCSA's President and CEO Jed Wallace on the importance of this issue.

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