April 2012

April 2012 Spotlight on Success

The charter school movement is dependent upon the hard work of visionary founders, leaders, and authorizers, plus dedicated teachers and volunteers and inspired students. The Association is proud to recognize several of them this month.

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4/27/12 Charter News Round-Up

Review of charter school news in California media for the week ending on April 27, 2012.

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Innovative Partnership Provides Mental Health Services to Students


You have a tight budget and kids with a lot of social and emotional needs. So what do you do to make sure students get the support they need?

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New Report Shines Light on Conversion Charters

The majority of California’s 982 charter schools are independent start-ups. However, among these is a unique group of 139 conversion charters - traditional public schools that converted into charter public schools. Conversion charters represent 16% of California’s charter school movement and enroll 25% of all charter school students since they usually have larger student bodies. But what do they look like and how are they doing?

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How Charter Schools Have Impacted Our Community


Aspire Public Schools has opened six charter schools in Huntington Park over the past few years with support from the City Council and community leaders who have seen the positive impact of these high-performing public schools in their community. City Planner Albert Fontanez shares his perspective.

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Parents, Staff and Students from Woodland Star Charter School Take On Sacramento

When Sheila Reilly, Administrator at Woodland Star Charter School in Sonoma, heard about the governor’s budget proposal and the anti-charter legislation in the pipeline at CCSA’s Winter Regional Meeting, she knew it was time for action. So she got a bus and brought five teachers, six boardmembers, a handful of parents and the school’s entire 8th grade class to participate in various parts of the CCSA Conference and Advocacy Week in Sacramento.

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4/20/12 Charter News Round-Up

Review of California charter school stories profiled in the media for the week ending on April 20, 2012.

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Getting to Know: Elaine Guarnieri-Nunn

We sat down with Elaine Guarnieri-Nunn, Managing Regional Director for the Bay Area Region, to learn about her background, how she will approach her work with members, and her first impressions of CCSA since joining the Association in February.

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Member Perspective: How Aspire Firestone Serves Autistic Students


“What’s exciting about working in special education at Aspire is that we’re able to enact IDEA in the way it was written with the idea of education as a civil right…We were able to be flexible and change our programs based on the needs of the students.”

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April 2012 Message to Members from Jed Wallace

A message to members from CCSA President and CEO Jed Wallace

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How Charter Schools and Districts Can Work Together for Kids


One element of the law passed in California in 1992 creating charter schools was the idea that charters would serve as educational laboratories, discovering effective practices that districts could then adopt. Roberta Benjamin, LA Superintendent for Aspire Public Schools, shares her perspective on collaboration.

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4/13/12 Charter News Round-Up

Review of California charter school-related stories featured in the media for the week ending 4/13/12.

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Advice for Educators Who Want to Start Charter Schools


If you could pick just one thing, what advice would you have for someone who is thinking about starting their own school?

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CCSA Statement Applauding Charter Schools Recognized with the Title I Academic Achievement Award

17 California charter schools were recognized with the 2011-12 Title I Academic Achievement Award.

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CCSA Offers Free Governance Academies for Charter School Board Members

This is the workshop charter school board members DON’T want to miss! Find out everything you need to know to be a responsible steward of your school.

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Alliance's Gertz-Ressler HS Honored With National Blue Ribbon Award

Alliance Gertz-Ressler High School, a public charter school in Los Angeles serving a traditionally underserved community of Latino and African-American students, celebrated its recognition this week as a National Blue Ribbon School.

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