CCSA Rejects Critique of Recent Research Report

November 10, 2011

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The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) responds to Arizona State University professor Dr. David Garcia's review for the National Education Policy Center's (NEPC) Think Twice think tank review project of CCSA's report: Chartering and Choice as an Achievement Gap-Closing Reform: The success of California charter schools in promoting African American Achievement:

In Dr. Garcia's critique of the report he takes aim at elements of the report that fail to account for the type of data analyzed and the way the methodology was constructed, and takes aim at the report for critiques unfounded in the type of data analyzed and attacked claims we have not made, without the benefit of his own analysis or source data. It is indeed difficult to believe that this is something inadvertent, and suggests his aim has less to do with providing a balanced critique about the limitations of the study than to discredit the work on its face.

The CCSA report was not presented as an academic analysis for an academic audience. Rather, our aim was to assess general trends, using publicly available, aggregate, school-level data to present to parents and community members the merits of the charter option.

We reject Dr. Garcia's analysis and critique, and stand behind our report's results on both the findings and our methodology.

Access a summary of the key points made by Dr. Garcia and the facts that refute his assertions.

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