10/21/11 Charter News Round-Up

October 21, 2011

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Charter School Growth

The National Alliance For Public Charter Schools released a study this week that showed continued growth for charter schools, as well as a ranking of the top districts with the highest charter school student enrollment. That list was topped by the Los Angeles Unified School District. To read more, review the Alliance's news release, and read the Washington Post's take.

And speaking of growth, Aspire Public Schools publicly announced that they are now the biggest CMO in the state. Read that item in the Sacramento Business Journal.

Charter Schools Need Bipartisan Support

Also this week, the Huffington Post posted an op-ed that calls charter schools a solution to education, by not only being innovative, but also breaking the monopoly of the public school system. The piece makes references to the ideals once held by the late Robert F. Kennedy, and why both Democrats and Republicans should embrace and support them. Read more here.

Funding Inequity In Charter Schools

Funding inequity is nothing new for charters in California, but it is an issue that continues to have a great impact. Now, as the year is winding down, and 2012 approaches, many leaders are worried about additional to education, and are calling for investment in programs that are showing results and innovation. Read school leader and CCSA Member Council Representative Cameron Curry's op-ed in the North County Times. And speaking of funding inequity, the online publication California Watch recently ran an article declaring that California's per-pupil spending was among the lowest in the nation. Read that story here.

Clayton Valley High Conversion Advocates Submit District Conditions For Review

Supporters of the proposed conversion of Clayton Valley High School are moving forward with plans, despite several obstacles, including the school district's conditions for approval. Petitioners have addressed the conditions, which exceeded 50, and will be submitting their plans to the board next week. For more information, read the articles in the San Jose Mercury News and the San Francisco Chronicle.

More Charters

It is almost November, and this school year is well underway. However, many are already making plans for next year. In Chino Valley, a new charter was green lighted, which will bring exciting opportunities to that area for hundreds of students. The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin has the story. Also, in Riverside, a new charter petition is causing excitement for its community. The Press Enterprise has more.

California Charter School Highlights

We always like to see positive charter school pieces grace the pages of local publications, particularly those that highlight the positive impact that charters are having in their communities. This week, the North County Times published a story on how Trade Tech High School is teaming up with local contractors to secure apprenticeships for their students, an invaluable tool for their future. For more, read the article. A bit further north, El Sol Science and Arts Academy said they received a grant to help the community they serve. El Sol provides health services, adult education, and more to parents and students of the charter. Read that article in the Orange County Register. The Orange County Register also featured the inspiring story of a charter school that celebrated their silver anniversary this week. It may not have been labeled a "charter" in the beginning, but it's model clearly was. Click here to find that piece.

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