What's Happening This Week in Sacramento

May 31, 2011

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We have been talking about a lot of deadlines and time-sensitive issues in the Capitol in our weekly Capitol Update, and this week is no exception. This week is the deadline for bills to leave the "house of origin." This means that all Senate Bills have to pass off the Senate Floor and all Assembly Bills have to pass of the Assembly Floor by this Friday, June 3. Both houses will try to finish the hundreds of bills they need to vote on by Thursday.

SB 645, CCSA's academic accountability bill, is up on the Senate Floor. It is 156th in line to be heard and since the Senate normally hears no more than around 100 bills a day, it will probably be taken up later this week. AB 1034, AB 925, AB 13 and all the other Assembly bills CCSA is monitoring will come up as well over the next few days, and we'll provide updates in the Capitol Update on their fate.

On budget issues, we anticipate that the budget committees will meet this week. Conversation around the Capitol is that they are going to take the budget up next week on the respective floors for a vote.

Starting next week, policy committees will begin in the second house, i.e. Assembly bills will get heard in the Senate and vice versa. So far none of our extremely hot bills have been set for hearing. CCSA will be closely monitoring their progress, and you can, too, through our Bill Tracker.

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