Update CDE Data by July 15 to Ensure Full Funding in 2011-12

May 31, 2011

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The California Department of Education (CDE) is still accepting updates to schools' socioeconomic data, which are used to make funding determinations for Economic Impact Aid (EIA), Title 1, and other categorical funding programs for the 2010-11 school year. EIA funding can be rectified as far back as 2009-10. One of our members recently updated their socioeconomic data at no charge and received an EIA boost to the tune of nearly $200,000!

EIA and Title 1 are major sources of funding for schools and all efforts should be made to ensure that data reported on Consolidated Applications in January 2010 were accurate, including counts of students eligible for Free and/or Reduced Price Lunch and students in poverty originating from charters' attendance data.

There are a number of critical actions that charter schools can take if you have not already:

Submit or Update your Principal Apportionment Applications

Attendance data is due July 15 for 2010-11 Fiscal Year, to be used for 2011-12 ADA calculations. P-2 Attendance and English Learner counts were due May 2, 2011. However, data reported as far back as October 2009 on attendance, ELLs and student poverty counts can still be updated.

Check for key charter deadlines.

Check your EIA Funding Entitlements for Errors: You can find the information under Funding Exhibits. If there is incorrect or missing information, contact your district rep or Byron Fong at (916) 323-0498.

Note: This is completely separate from CALPADS and the pre-ID data reported for STAR testing, neither of which are used for EIA or Title 1 funding calculations.

Submit or Update your Consolidated Application

The Consolidated Application is used to calculate funding for Title I, Title II: Teacher and Principal Training or Recruiting, and Title IV: Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities funding. Charters will not be eligible for Federal funds without it. See more information on the Consolidated App.

Submit a Consolidated Application. Note that there are two parts, the first of which is due on June 30.

Check your Title I Funding Entitlements for Errors: Find your Title I info on the CDE Title I page. If there are errors or missing data, contact Leslie Sharp at (916) 323-4977.

Note: The CDE does not charge charters for updating demographic or socioeconomic data. To update STAR data used in the most recent API Base and Similar Students Rank calculations, call ETS at (800) 955-2954. You will be charged a flat rate of $5,000.

For new and expanding schools

Submit a Pupil Estimates for New or Significantly Expanding Charters (PENSEC) survey in July

This survey allows funding amounts to be adjusted based on enrollment estimates for the first portion of the school year. Find out more.

For new schools and schools with new authorizers

Ensure SBE approval of your LEA plan before July

Any charter acting as an LEA for funding that wishes to be eligible for Title 1 funds now or in the future must have an approved LEA Plan and cannot receive funds retroactively. The next State Board meeting is in July. This might be the last chance to receive the funding before the start of the next school year. For more information, contact Leslie Sharp at CDE's Title I office at (916) 323-4977 or visit CDE's LEA Plan site.

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