CCSA Statement on Passage of Anti-Charter Legislation Intended to Cap Number of Charters in California

May 19, 2011

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For Immediate Release

Contact: Vicky Waters, CCSA
(415) 505-7575

Jed Wallace, president and CEO of the California Charter Schools Association, released the following statement on the passage of anti-charter legislation intended to cap the number of charters in California:

"The passage of AB 401 out of the Assembly is a step backward in the transformation needed in California's public schools. We are very disappointed that the same Legislature that approved the second charter schools law in the country almost 20 years ago now wants to create obstacles to limit the growth of charter schools, as well as the choice for parents and students looking for better public education options."

"This year, charter schools are facing unprecedented attacks in the California Legislature, as demonstrated by AB 401, and other short-sighted bills that threaten to limit the number of charter schools able to operate in the state. These attacks also aim to strip charters of their flexibility and autonomy to make decisions based on what their students need, and not on what bureaucracy dictates."

"Those who voted in favor of AB 401 today are turning a blind eye to the contributions charters have made to public education in California, and to the growing demand for quality public schools."

"Charter schools will continue to fight these attacks, and to ensure that the voices and choice of Californians are heard and respected."

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