Energetic Parent Summit is a Highlight for This Year's Conference

February 15, 2011

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Charter schools have long modeled best practices for engaging parents and harnessing the power of families to create great schools. That powerful parent voice will be out in force at this year's California Charter Schools Conference. The annual event is not only the biggest gathering of the year for charter leaders, teachers and education reformers - it is also home to the charter community's annual Parent Summit, which is completely free for parents to attend.

CCSA included a parent summit for the first time at last year's conference. This year's one-day Parent Summit, led by the Families That Can team, builds on that event's success and promises to have even more attendees and energy. Families That Can, CCSA's grassroots parents engagement effort, re-launched in August, led by Executive Director Antwaune Goode, who is supported by organizers Ainye Long in Oakland and KW Tulloss and Fiorella Del Carpio in Los Angeles.

"We are expecting over 100 parents, representing different schools across the state," said Long, who is bringing a group of parents from the Bay Area. "This is a great opportunity for parents to connect, get informed and energized to return to their schools with the tools they need to be charter champions."

The day's workshops cover topics like how parent engagement supports student learning and is a key component of a successful school; how to inspire more parents to be engaged; issues that charter schools face such as funding and facilities; and how parents can engage with their elected officials.

Parents are charter schools' best advocates. In light of the many challenges that charter schools face, Families That Can educates, empowers and mobilizes charter parents to hold our leaders accountable for ensuring every child has access to a high-quality public education. Families That Can advocates for quality public school choices, equitable treatment and resources for charter public schools, and the advancement and growth of successful charter schools.

If some of your parents are interested in attending the Parent Summit, email Antwaune Goode. There is limited transportation available from Los Angeles.

For more details on the Parent Summit, click here. To learn more about Families That Can, visit www.familiesthatcan.org.

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